Apr 14

Cung Le offers suggestions to Chinese MMA fighters

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Mar 14

Haye wants to make a comeback

David Haye has revealed that he may be making a comeback after a long break due to injury. The famous boxer had to withdraw from his fight last year against Tyson Fury due to shredded muscles and ligaments on his right shoulder and he has still not recovered fully from it yet.

In an interview with the Guardian the former world heavyweight champion said that even if his shoulders are 85% fit he would be more than happy to make a comeback but at this moment he is not feeling really great and he is not able to run due to the injury. The motion of running is hurting his arm too much and the doctors have strictly advised him not to run as a part of his rehab program. The doctors who were in charge of his treatment has said that his basic movements and his biceps have snapped as a result of this injury and it will take some time for him to recover.

In the Blu Ray launch of Rocky Haye said that he still has the urge for Hollywood movies but his main focus would always be boxing and he is very eager to fight again. He also showed the long scar which was caused due to the injury. This was a proof to all the boxing fans as many of them thought that Haye was trying to dodge the showdown. He was also asked about his reaction when he heard that people were thinking such things about him to which he said that it is the nature of boxing fans and it is a habit to jump from one boxer to another in a short period of time. He added that he would try his level best to gain the lost confidence and his fans would support him in his tough times.

Mar 14


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Feb 14

Olympic Taekwondo Coach Paul Green 540 Kick

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Jan 14

Alta intensidad Entrenamiento de MMA

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Dec 13

How Can Martial Arts Benefit from Yoga?

Now if you come to think about it, martial arts are completely different than yoga practice. The first one deals with alert, quick and effective moves while the second one deals with peaceful postures, controlled breathing, meditation, stretching and has nothing to do with the speedy evolution of martial arts techniques. So, you probably wonder how can martial arts benefit from yoga? Well, you need to learn first in what way yoga shapes both your body and mind prior to understanding in what way they can exist in a relationship.

First of all, you need to understand that yoga will help you increase flexibility out of which you won’t be able to perform those quick and alert moves of your body in any of the chosen martial arts. Do not forget that your performance increases as long as you work on your body’s flexibility and this can be done through practicing yoga. With a flexible body you will be able to avoid your opponent’s attacks and instead perform yours in the least expected areas of your opponent’s body. Flexibility can also help you avoid injuries to the tendons, muscles and stay away of sprains and injured ligaments.

Secondly, yoga practice will help you maintain full control of your mind being able to focus better on your moves and predict the reactions of the attacker. This is another important feature for all those involved in martial arts. This is a practice where losing your mind or becoming nervous is not the state of mind that is desired if you want to have a safe and sure victory in the competitions. Through yoga practice you will be able to control your stress levels and maintain at the same time the peace of mind.

Yoga can help you control your breathing while being engaged in martial arts techniques. This will enable you become more capable of increasing the use of oxygen for your body. Controlling your breath will also increase your endurance and become as such more aware when you need to let go and when to hold the breath effectively for your next moves.

As you can see, the benefits of yoga are numerous in the performance of your martial arts. It is true that some of these arts will make more use of yoga than others, such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and judo, but practicing yoga is in general the shortest way towards obtaining the peace of mind and flexibility that are so necessary in performing successfully martial arts.

Dec 13

How to Do a Crucifix Neck Crank | MMA Submissions

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Nov 13

MMA Fighters before fame

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