Dana White UFC Fightnight on FS1 Condit vs Kampmann 2 vlog EP1

MMA Video Rating: four / five

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  1. Dana, stop trying.

  2. You stay classy…….

  3. Nah.. Who cares about his personality and everything …he says the F word too much!! What a dick!!!

  4. str8tleftrighthook

    shut up bitch

  5. wow, what a hero he is!

  6. Your sarcasm sensor is shit……

  7. 11:48 …Matt Brown said he was like a little girl after getting hit.

    Most guys wouldve just laughed and be whatever. Dana has the conscious and perspective to realize some women might be like “wtf?” and apologized.

    Yeah what a dick.

  8. Dana is on coke
    100% positive

  9. str8tleftrighthook

    God your fucking stupid


  11. why is dana shouting at us

  12. str8tleftrighthook

    Took you a month? What did you have to wait until your mother read it to you? Pop her tit back in your mouth and shut the fuck up!


  14. PrettysureItsInfectd

    Dana Listens to Agent Orange..kick ass.

  15. Is this mother fucker ever going to do a new blog?

  16. so 3 fights then Alistair is out

  17. str8tleftrighthook

    Really it took you weeks to think of that comment, Fucking dumbass bitch. Enjoy your time in mama’s basement faggot.

  18. but you train in sucking dick, and you’re still retarded by the way

  19. forlornspawn817

    For me, I understand cutting people for making idiotic comments depending on the severity and in some cases location. Like if you say something that makes the organization look bad at a press conference and get cut, that’s really no one’s fault but their own. I get what you are saying though, and everyone has their own opinion on it.

  20. Matt Riddle was a moron who failed 2 drug tests for the exact same thing. Jon Fitch didn’t deserve to be cut but he was boring as fuck to watch fight so it makes sense that he was cut.

  21. john fitch, matt riddle.. you dont even have to lose :) just say something stupid and your out aswell… for them its business but for us fans its unthinkable they cut fighters who were used to be nr1 prospects…

  22. forlornspawn817

    Of course people are going to get cut, and of course if someone is to be cut, it will be the loser and not the winner. It is still a business and they can only have so many people under contract. It’s not like every loss equals a cut though and cutting someone doesn’t necessarily mean any dislike or disrespect.

  23. well shaking hands and stuff looks nice and cosey but the next monday a letter is send to a loser who gets cut from the ufc :) )))))))))) this isnt behind the scenes, behind the scenes is how the fertitta brothers work and how joe silva does his job :)

  24. Andrew John Smith

    Wait a minute. No Chael behind the scenes ? He prolly took off to his hotel room to try giving the world a baby Chael Jr . :)

  25. Yeah theyr not, To the majority of promoters your just pawns in their little game. The small time fight business is very shady. And alot of the gyms are able to pick un favorable matches if they are close with the organizer.